Prince Rupert RCMP New Boss - Wants to connect with youth … ander.html

As it says in the article, Insp. Maughan plans on focusing on youth programs and getting the detachment more involved with youth. I think it’s a great idea and this should be underway as soon as possible. A program already runs in Richmond that has youth ages 16 and over patrolling with members and looking for stolen vehicles (eg. running the plates) and also looking for vehicles with goods in plain sight, so that they can call the owners and advise them to keep items hidden inside their vehicles. Something productive and rewarding for them to do! Also looks great on a resume.

He should just drive his cop car down the highways after school. He’s sure to connect with a longboarder or two.

Indeed! It is very worrisome as the the skaters are weaving in and out of traffic on 2nd and 3rd avenue. I fear there may be an accident at some point.