Prince Rupert Port Authority's Interpretive Centre

Our family had an opportunity to visit the new Port Interpretive Centre today. Not only was it beyond our expectations but our tour guide was very well versed in all the information available in the centre. My children loved the interactive displays, warm atmosphere and excellent views. My husband really enjoyed the unique Prince Rupert History displayed and loved the attention to detail.

We would definitely recommend this jewel to every citizen in Prince Rupert and to anyone who visits town.

And did I mention it is free!!!

Yes. I have also ventured into the Interpretive Center. A very interesting place that is well worth the visit.

Wow. That’s really great to hear. I assumed it was a type of “Interrogation Center.” It just had that feel to the outside signage! :smiley:

I’ll recommend it to those I talk to next time!

Where is it at?

Right next to Cow Bay Cafe and close to Sea Horse Trading Company.