"Prince Rupert" pops up in the weirdest places lately

So I have Google set up to email me each day with news articles that have “Prince Rupert” in them. Usually I get one or two a day. The port project sure is increasing them. I noticed today that not only did I get more than usual, but the places they popped up were all over the US. Now these are all the same Associated Press article being picked up, but I just find it interesting that it was picked up so far and wide. The Detroit one has a very nice picture of Rupert.

Casper, WY

Detroit, MI

Winston-Salem, NC

Miami, FL

That’s a good idea.  Thanks Mike

I do the same thing, using bloglines. I not only subscribe to the google news articles on “prince rupert” but also the RSS feed for “prince rupert” on technorati – that means if somebody mentions “prince rupert” on a blog, it automagically shows up on my RSS feed:


RSS feed:Â technorati.com/watchlists/rs … wid=138999

You get to read a lot of blogs of people traveling through Rupert and stuff, as well as a few local bloggers this way.