Prince Rupert Podcast

Hello just wanted to see if anyone would like to work on a Prince Rupert Podcast. I need stories and web graphics. The site is so check it out a provide input if you want. And I know the site is ugly as sin but if you ain’t going to work on it spare me the b’

Hey, cool stuff.  I’m pretty seriously addicted to podcasts.

You probably should make it nice and easy for people to subscribe by making a “one-click” iTunes subscribe link.  (using the ‘pcast’ protocol in the URL).  Something like this:

subscribe with iTunes

That would make it a bit easier.

What’s the topic of your podcast?  Is it something the two high schools should be promoting?

Also, the link you have on your site doesn’t work:

[quote]The requested URL /feed.xml was not found on this server.

Apache/1.3.29 Server at Port 80[/quote]

Thanks MiG good to know it will have to wait till tomorrow but I will try and get things fixed up. The one click thing is new to me so that might take me a bit longer. The topic can be whatever and so Charles Hays has helped a bit. I am being kicked out so I’ll check back in tomorrow

Oh Mi God!
I totally did the Road Race one, like I did the Pod cast thingy!

You just Made my day =]