Prince Rupert Pictures

I’m looking for any pictures of Westview Elem. School - preferrably exterior pictures.
I used to attend that school as a child, and would love to show my children, as well as any pictures in the Graham Ave. ( lower) area where I use to live.

I dearly miss Prince Rupert, and have very fond memories, and would love to move back one day if possible.
Hopefully the economic structure will pick-up.

Thank-you to all who have submitted pictures in the Westview forums in here.

I’ll try and drive by tomorrow and get some shots for you.

What address Graham? 

1505 Graham Ave.  I would love to see pictures of that house and the area
That is VERY kind of you …I truely appreciate it !


Do you remember what the house looked like at the time?

It was baby blue color on the outside, a steep drive way up to the open garage.
It was a 2 level, double occupancy home, and we lived on the top, and rented out the bottom.

FRom the kitchen window we had the most spectacular views of Sunsets, the ocean, and also the grain mill when it was there.

We also rented the house that was 2 houses up from 1505 for a while. It had a large front yard, with a driveway off to the side that led up to the house.

The City gravel yard used to be across the street, and for years, there was this old, large wooden boat that was parked at the front gate to the gravel yard ?

Seems odd now.

Here are a couple of photos of Westview school.  Unfortunately, it’s wet and miserable today, not a great day to get out the SLR and the tripod!

I will e-mail you the photos of the house separately, because I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to post a photo of somebody’s house on here.  We’ll leave that kind of stuff to Google Street View :wink:

Check the e-mail address you used when you registered on HTMF. 

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Thank-you very much … that was really kind of you to take time out to do this.
Words cannot explain the flood of great child hood memories !

MIG,  thank-you again.
Have you lived in Prince Rupert long ?