Prince Rupert on CNN Travel

Thought I would share the nice travel article on Rupert I found tonight. … rss_travel

That’s a great article! :smiley:
It certainly presents a pleasing view of our city.  Very cool.

I put that link in another thread already.,7224.msg84449.html#msg84449 ( bottom of page 1.
However, it’s probably good that someone posted it again. :wink:

Something you might want to consider – (or other similar sites).

They take a really long URL and make it shorter, so that if somebody’s using a small screen, they won’t have to scroll horizontally.

So, … rss_travel

would become

Does anybody know if the whale photo on that story is actually from Prince Rupert?  I was looking at some other Prince Rupert story on an American website, and saw a photo credited to a local photographer.