Prince rupert next boob town

Prince rupert we need to be ready 30 billion in projects for the north we are the key to all this business that will be comeing to our city,walmart shoppers super store a@w and many more are planning to set up here very soon.The watson island pulp mill site will be sold this year and boy are we in for a ride.

we are getting more boobs awesome !!! will they be mostly dd cups ?

Anyway, I heard Ajaye and his million dollar partners are setting up a porno palace.

It’s official Ajaye Confirms what I said. two new escort services opening up.

Yup! A&W and KFC… they’ll be the best escort services this town has ever had.

I thought DQ served the brassiere burgers…

Since ajaye is pretty much guaranteed to be wrong, does this mean we should be worried about boobs in PR?

Does this mean we will be abreast of Prince George?

I vote ajaye as mayor of boob town. He’s clearly qualified

speaking of keeping abreast of things wasn’t the court case on the mill due very soon?

Perky this situation is

Maybe this means we’re getting a brothel. No wonder Ajaye is so excited.

But if he’s right, at least Rupert won’t be tits up!!

April 30 is the deadline for the purchase

Does ajay using his real name? I’m not sure if he is here just trolling this board or if he believes what he says. ANyways Rupert could uses more boobs so I’m a fan, I wonder if Hugh Hefner is behind boob town Prince Rupert?