Prince Rupert Love it, Leave it or find a song about it

Below to help refresh your memories, the five songs above in YouTubeization…

Bon Jovi-- I Love this town

Bruce Springsteen-- My Hometown

Montgomery Gentry-- My town

The Animals-- We’ve gotta get out of this place

Simon and Garfunkle-- My Little Town

Raindrops Kepp Falling On My Head

No honourable mention for Welcome to the Jungle?


Simon and Garfunkle-- My Little Town[/quote]


Sorry guys, the Animals song is taken. The unofficial FSJSS grad song!

those ones are alright, but i think this song sums it all up

sorry i dont know how to post the video

RICKROLL is so two weeks ago.

Make way for the new and improved roll:

I think any roll is two weeks ago.  Probably because I fell for yours.

Anyway, what is this video anyway?

[quote=“ThePodunkian”] [/quote]

LOl, hmm testimony to not posting and running… really should preview the clips I guess, my bad I haven’t got a clue how I ended up with that clip… must have missed a digit or something when transfering the code.

Never thought of the rickroll idea though…

I don’t think I learned much Japanese though, may never be able to eat an apple again either… Good thing it didn’t turn out to be porn I guess… Not sure what it is, some kind of home made learn japanese intsructional video I guess…

At any rate, this is the clip I meant to show, though truth be told it’s kind of strange as well, but it was the best I could do to find the Simon and Garfunkle song…  Never seen a ballad done to a mad max theme before…

I shall refrain from posting in the main forum now as my penance, until Mig has taken me out of the doghouse…