Prince rupert is in the same boat as greece?

We are spending more money then our taxes can deal with,we need watch our
spending as our tax base is shrinking and our demands are going up.We can
be heading in the direction as Greece though at a much smaller scale,we need
to work smarter planning is key.

that wont happen here B.C has the most agresive transportation upgrade to date right now and by 2014 the city will spend billions upgrading the sewage treatment wich will be by law all sewage must be treated lol what else .

Prince Rupert has two levels of government above it that can step in andtake over if things go bust. Greece had to appeal to it’s fellow European countries for handouts but it’s still a self-governing country…wonder if some of the bailout will be covering Olympic debts??

Maybe we should ask Germany to bail out Prince Rupert.

We need to be more careful in our dealings,no more backroom deals
like skeena,a hand shake with Mr Dan miller cant happen again and make
people more accountable for there spending by doing what warren buffet
does think before you act.

Heh-heh.  :-D

Well I believe that in Greece they almost have their problem figured out but shit here everything our council in the White House of third does is Greek we can not figure them out but they keep sticking it to us, if you know what I mean nudge nudge say no more.

Shhhh now hush such talk, George Baker is making a list and checking it twice.

He’s Gonna list all the Rupertites who don’t talk but nice

Well he can quote me anytime and he knows that. Just because the council members are afraid to speak up about shit that’s happening and do not wish to get on the President’s bad side. I can not hold back DarcyMcGee.

  There isn’t enough paper for a list of that sort  :smiley:

I don’t know, there is a city in the USA, Jackson Miss. I believe that is in absolute trouble due to it’s upgraded sewer system.I believe they were under a private/government for profit deal P5. I remember reading it in Rolling Stone last month, mind you the county Gov. was corrupt that could never happen here, Right?. It was the same crap Greece was dealing in credit swaps and such.

Don’t blame the crappy (ha!) sewer system and run-down infrastructure, etc on the current administration. The last few lean years have required the most creative budgeting that any council should have to deal with…all you Rupert lifers that watched the mill money, fishing money, etc get drained away into some vast black hole in the muskeg should hold yourselves accountable. Nothing set aside for when the bubble bursts? Everyone thought there’d be fish and trees forever, right? So why set anything aside for upgrades two decades ago?

What do you expect a city council to do when they inherit a multi-million dollar debt?

Isn’t it obvious? Draw up a plan to get out of debt and start taking steps. Its one thing to be appointed a leader, its something entirley different to be successful at it.

Not to me. Debt rung up over decades by a city of 17,000 to be paid off by a current population of 12,000.  And an unpaid tax debt/money pit on Watson?  …nope, I don’t see anything obvious there. Looks pretty tricky to me.

If it were a household debt, you’d cut spending. Cut meals in restaurants. Cut holidays. Stop buying new clothes. Buy used. Hold a garage sale.
But no one wants to see the city do that. All services (library, civic centre, pool, Lester Centre, roadwork) should remain at the current standards AND the debt should also be reduced simulaneously.

Can’t happen. THAT’S obvious.

Uncle Stumbly you should run for office!

Gee, maxwell, that’s sounds swell!! Can I get a new bike, too? With a banana seat?

Of course, being as truyth just posted “Its one thing to be appointed a leader, its something entirley different to be successful at it.” and as I commented “…I don’t see anything obvious there. Looks pretty tricky to me.”, you may draw the somewhat startling conclusion that simply putting another body (anybody!!) into the council chambers won’t make the decisions any easy for either the council or the townspeople.

Basically, things are gonna suck before they get better. The duration and depth of said “suck” is still to be determined. The suck-iousity may be alleviated by selfless volunteers and the tireless efforts of a few individuals who refuse to give up but what did the science teachers always say? Nature abhors a vacuum? Eventually the suction will cease.  An equilibruium will be reached.

very well stated Stumbly  :smiley: