~prince rupert hockeyville 2009~

Okay, no clue who entered Rupert, but someone with the smarts that knows that our wonderful city will never have the funds to upgrade our arena…be nice to see people start entering stories…Terrace has 63 entered already…come on Rupertites!

Prince Rupert ~ Hockeyville 2009!~ cbc.ca/sports/hockey/hockeyv … Arena.html POST YOUR STORY!!

I’m going to think on this one…and try to make an entry.  But I’d have to do research, 'cause I don’t know much about how well Rupert and hockey go together.

I can’t believe it’s taken this long for someone to mention HOCKEYVILLE!!!

Smithers was in the finals 2 years ago… Rupert can make a great run at it as long as someone makes a better submission than the one on there now. 

C’mon Minor Hockey parents, coaches, and officials, get some creative juices flowing and make a bid for HOCKEYVILLE 2009!!

Rupert shouldnt be Hockeyville in a million years. Way more towns Specially in Dawson Creek, Fort St. John area where its all about hockey deserve the title more than Rupert. Rupert is more like AllNativeVille (basketball). Dont get me wrong, hockey is my number one sport but sadly this town isnt really all about hockey.

Do you actually play hockey or just watch it?  If you are ever at the rink in th early hours you would know we are a least a contender for hockeyville. You are right though way more places are hockey ville. I will try and write a story though.

Havea good day!

Well we have to try and get money towards rink upgrades somehow.  It won’t happen any other way any time soon.

Unless Maher steps up and builds us a new one.

Holy Negativity Batman! Personally, I’m glad to live in a community where there is a balance of activities for people to participate in. That being said, there are lots of people involved in hockey here! You should go to the rink at any time during the hockey season and you will see kids of all ages (right up to the old timers) playing organized hockey. You will also see red eyed parents nodding off with coffee in their hands at 6 a.m. and others serving fries at Rampage games! Prince Rupert has also produced a fair number of “best under 16 players” and several of our players have been scouted for regional rep teams which could lead to the next step in their game!

We may not be the traditional hockeyville but maybe that is what makes us special. I’m all for being the dark horse in this race! Go Rupert!

With the return of a CIHL team and the win of 2 provincials last year, I would say hockey is bigger now than it has been for awhile. Many people living in Prince Rupert don’t have any idea how much our arena is used. Try booking a birthday party on the ice in the last couple of years?

I do go to the arena alot and I have played Hockey all through from novice to juniors. I played up north in a town where there is ice ALL year long for summer hockey camps, junior B games all the time and major tryouts to get onto the midget AAA team or the Junior A team. 

And having ice ALL year long is a prerequisite for showing a commitment to hockey? No WONDER the Canucks have issues - GM Place fails to commit fully to the spirit of the game by not having ice year round! Suddenly it has all become very clear!  :smiley:

LOL. What I was saying about the ice all year is that Hockey is played through every season, not just winter. That goes to show the communities devotion to the game.

This year we had ice in August and hosted a hockey camp with a pretty decent turnout.

I agree.  Nothing against this town but in no way is hockey engrained in the fabric of our community like it is in many other small Canadian communities.  We are at a total disadvantage here trying to sell it too.  Many of the other past entrires have used gimmicks like Smithers did by having a hockey game on top of Hudson Bay Mtn.  We can’t even have outdoor ice. 

if you guys just did this at the website and then we would get more stories added goto:
cbc.ca/sports/hockey/hockeyv … Arena.html and post anything

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LOL Rupert a hockey town… Come on guys Rupert is not no hockey town, have there anyone from here been close to the NHL besides Robin Gomez…i think not, Terrace, Kitimat, Smithers and even Hazleton have bred NHL players. You cant even buy hockey(decent) gear in this town you have to go to terrace. What history does Rupert have beside the Halibut Kings, The Rampage is a long ways away to make a statment or impression for PR.
We are at the end of the line here folks you think anyone cares about a small lil basketball town. I say good luck to all of you that are trying for this you have your work cutout for ya.

Prince Rupert Hockeyville HA! yeah right thats the funniest ive heard in years

I haven’t seen a lot of information other than the blurb in the paper that the Rec Department submitted the application.  Has there been any kind of an organizing committee formed or volunteers requested.  There should be posters, radio & tv, etc…not everyone gets or reads the paper.  There has to be some kind of coordination for this to even have a chance of success.  Have the hockey leagues been asked to do anything special?  The deadline is only a couple of weeks away and not much happening.  Notice that Terrace has 168 submissions to the website, fan picture at the arena, shoot on the goalie at the mall this weekend.  Rupert loves their hockey, many dedicated hockey parents and grandparents and players!  Does anyone know of eny events being planned?

The people that think that Rupert have a chance at being Hockeyville need to get out of here for a while and experience the rest of Canada.  I think it’s great that we have entered and hopefully some events will be planned but we have to be realistic too.  Rupert being named hockeyville would be like Kamloops being called the city of rainbows.  It just aint gonna happen.

WOW~! Could you guys be anymore negative? Seriously??
So we want to become Hockeyville & try to improve the sad state
of our arena! Big deal!!! And~for some of us, hockey is the main
sport and only sport of interest in Rupert.

He may not have hailed from here but FYI Rod Brindamour once
played hockey here …yes in Prince Rupert

He may not have hailed from here but FYI Rod Brindamour once
played hockey here …yes in Prince Rupert

You’re right! Since a pro played here one time DEFINITELY means we love hockey! WE CAN DO IT.

Terrace will give us competition, though. I hear Saku Koivu once got stuck there overnight.

this whole thread is just LOL