Prince Rupert Hockey scores in the last minute of play


It went down to the wire, but Prince Rupert will be joining the Central Interior Hockey League for the 2008-09 season. Come this fall if all goes according to plan, Rupertites will be able to sing along with that old Stompin’ Tom Connors Classic, the Good Old Hockey Game…

Granted a conditional franchise earlier this year, local organizers only firmed up their funding and the required 1500 dollar entry fee on the deadline day of June 1.

Thanks to a loan from the Prince Rupert Recreational Hockey League, the Rupert organizers were able to secure their place in the provincial Senior league and can now make plans to put a team on the ice this fall. Prince Rupert has not had an entry in Senior hockey in the province since the 1970’s and the legendary Prince Rupert Kings…

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