Prince Rupert downtown vandalism

Again…more vandalism (broken windows) happening downtown Rupert.
Does anybody know who is behind all this mischief? … rought.htm

…by the way,  that wasn’t a rhetorical question   :unamused:

Ever think that it might have been a drunken fight, and not vandalism???

Are you sure thats new?? I didnt notice anything broken today.  that e-princerupert sire has a lot of dated info so that may be an old picture?? or maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:

a rose is a rose by any other name…

If Saturday past is “dated”, you may have a point.  If one doesn’t know where the Barrow Block is, they too probably wouldn’t have noticed anything either.  But I noticed it, and was one (of a few) who reported it that night.

Speaking of theories… Ever think that it might have been a building shift because of the sub-zero temperatures which caused the window pane to shift hence popping the window on a business locale that hasn’t been utilized in several months, and not a drunken fight or vandalism???