Prince Rupert doing anything for Haiti?

Let’s use HTMF for a good purpose today!  :laughing: 

I am just wondering if there is anywhere/any person locally that I can support who is doing something for Haiti.

I just noticed on Facebook an event called “Haiti Earthquake Medical Supplies.”

The description reads “Please donate Medical Supplies to 2nd Avenue Medical Centre (Bandages / plasters / Over the Counter medicine antiseptic solutions, old crutches - anything that can help ease the suffering) Open invitation and please post to all your friends in Prince Rupert…Supplies will be shipped on Friday 22 January 2010”

Hecate Strait Rotary has bought 2 Shelter Boxes. They cost $1000 Can.
Individuals can donate.
Email if you are interested and I will send you info.

I donated throught the Red Cross online and the transaction fees are waived specifically for donations.  I didn’t realize Rupert was doing anything so that is something to look into. Thank you for the info.

  and the Liquor store is collecting $ 5.00 or $ 2.00 donations

2nd Ave Medical Clinic is collecting to purchase medical equipment

The Rupert Raiders hockey team was collecting donations at the Rampage game Saturday night.  Last tally I heard was over $800.


PRSS and Lax Kxeen are doing penny drives.

Isn’t Salvation Army doing anything?

Donations can apparently be made to the BC Liquor Store, with money going directly to Canadian Red Cross efforts in Haiti.

If anyone plans on donating online or by phone, please consider checking this site out before doing so: legit site

Yea I’m a fan of donating somewhere where I know exactly who’s going to handle the money. Not to say that I’m suspicious of local businesses or organizations taking it upon themselves to raise money–but the Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies know exactly how this all works.

The Prince Rupert Seniors Centre is hosting a salmon lunch on Feb 12 with all profits going to Haiti, through a registered organization (not sure which at this time).  Anyone interested can purchase a ticket for $10 any weekday between 11 - 3.

I believe Safeway is collecting donations and the grade 5 class at Annunciation has something going on as well.

  Donated through the Red Cross and had no problems.  They are one of the only organizations that I know I can trust but I am sure there are countless others. Just my personal choice at this time.

Most of the schools are doing penny drive style fundraising. They will hand it over to the Red Cross. Any amount raised will be matched by the government.

CFNR has companies and dentists donating money for every song requested today…I believe it totals $11 for each song.

Great cause plus you get to hear the music you like!

Yeah I think Red Cross should be on the ball,sew sad about the people of Haiti, they have suffer so much. So has S&A done any thing for them, sorry just had to ask the question. Yeah go with Red Cross or something as trust wothy.