Prince Rupert Dentists

Hey…I lived in Rupert for a while…left back in October…anyhow, I’m trying to track down a couple of names and phone numbers of two dentists in town…they have pics of my wisdom teeth and I need them sent down to the lower mainland because medical won’t cover another xray.
The first dentist is across from Zellers…last name starts with a "L"
Second dentist is right behind Overwaitea and next to the Salvation Army.

Thanks for the help!!

Across from Zellers Dr. L. :  (250) 624-4088

Behind Overwaitea next to SA, Dr. G.:  (250) 624-6600

I dont think Dr L is taking new clients… But Dr Danny Goljack 624-6600 and he is good been great to me and my family…

Agreed.  Dr. Goljack is my new Dentist, I like him. :smiley:

I’ve got a real beef with Dr. Adam, a block up from 7-11, across from BMO. That crook tries to take full advantage of your insurance company footing the bill. He was always trying to sell me crap, and crossed the line when he insisted that I need all four wisdom teeth pulled. I got a second opinion from Dr. Pyde around the corner, which conflicted.

Pyde is good stuff. Tells you straight up what he’s gonna do, and when it’s gonna hurt. I don’t like being treated like an idiot in the chair who can’t understand what’s going on in my mouth.

That’s the whole point of getting a second opinion… to see what another Professional thinks.

Don’t rip on a guy for telling you what he thinks should be done, just because it’s not what you want to hear.

Dentist across from Zellers is Dr. Lindley 624-4088.

I recommend Dr. Danny Goljack, he’s a very nice man and a very good dentist.  :wink:

it was already said he is not taking clients…JEEE WIZ

When I lived in Rupert, I used to go to Dr. Redman.  He works out of the Greene clinic on the corner of 5th Avenue and McBride St, across from the funeral home.  I always liked  the way he worked–he tells you what he’s going to do before he does it, and does his level best to minimize pain.  He even goes so far as to numb your gums with an anesthetic before injecting you to freeze you up.

Agreed.  He’s my dentist. :smiley:

Sure I didn’t wanna hear it, but to tell me I need ALL 4 wisdom teeth pulled “just cause” felt like horseshit to me. Like the mechanic who says you need a new engine because you don’t know any better.

So my opinion is that he’s a crook, who’s more financially motivated to perform work in your mouth than for your own benefeit. Bad opinions aren’t bad, that’s why they’re opinions.

Lindley once told me in my teens that I needed all 4 wisdom teeth taken out because they were growing in sideways.  He then proceeded to try and take them out without me knowing, and quickly got a nice kick in the groin, and I never went back.

Since then, I’ve gone to Dr Redman, and Dr Corbett, and both have said that taking out my wisdom teeth would be unnecessary, and they weren’t growing in sideways, nor are they sideways now… they aren’t even braced.

If you go to Dr Lindley, I hope you’re rich… his rates are one of the steepest in town.

I feel for you, smartass.

Dr. Lindley was my dentist.  I switched to Dr. Goljak this month; I’m very happy that I made the move.

It’s kinda like when you get into a collision, and take your car to have auto body repair done on an insurance claim. You aren’t footing the bill, the autobody shop knows this, and way too often, they are going to try and perform as much work as possibly to get the max outta that claim.

Except the autobody work is in my mouth, and I don’t want a complete frame up restoration if I don’t need one.

I go to Redman and even he tried to take all 4 of my wisdom teeth. He wasn’t pushy about it though. He even showed me on the X-ray where one of them was growing in sideways. I told him I would wait until one of them bothered me and he was fine with that. As it turns out that was a good decision on my part because the tooth self-righted itself and they all grew in fine.

As was mentioned already, I like Redman because he has a way of minimizing the pain whenever he can. I white-knuckle it through even a routine cleaning so I really appreciate it when they can do something to cater to my fear of dentists.

Nobody should be afraid of Dentists…

Since I switched from Lindley, I haven’t had a problem with any other dentist.  Both I have gone to (McMillan and Redman) have both explained what they were going to do, ask if I was ok with that, and explain everything that was happening as they did it. 

Agreed.  I’m glad that I switched from Lindley to Goljak.  I’ve been to Dr. Goljak once and I am very pleased with his office. :smiley: