Prince Rupert Daily News Changes

As a very long time subscriber to the local paper, and a very dedicated Rupert Booster, I have to say that the latest changes in the local paper have made me decide to stop subscribing, or even getting the free one! Its turned into a school notice board, with some other old news items of no interest, which are easily accessed on the internet anyway, and auto sports items which at best are only interesting to a few auto racing fans.
Even the other non school local items are so simpy and so milk soaked that one or two editions would even make an Evangelist drop kick a Bible throught your front window!
I wouldn’t even peek into the classifieds in the Library if the Nothern View published the local Obituaries.
Here is an oportunity for the Northern View. I can remember in the 50’s the local paper having a social page where Births, Deaths, and Marriages were mentioned.
Please consider that as a feature, and if you have to, charge for your paper. I think is far superior to what the PRDN has become!
I really hate to post this, but it has just been such a disapointing thing to see a paper that I have read and appreciated for so many years turn into crap! And for what reason?! A Planned self destruct like the Pulp Mill?
Please, whoever is in charge, get back to what you were!!
Or, failing that, please, please, someone else get us a descent Daily paper back

I agree with what you say. I didn’t make a particularly conscious decision to stop buying the Snooze, but I find that I usually only buy it once a week now just for the classifieds. If there is anything of interest it will be reported in A Town Called Podunk, which has become my first choice as a local news source.

aw shucks, (shuffle, shuffle, tug on forelock) thanks… :smile:

But what about a plug for the address link… :wink:

should send that as a letter to the editor

Heh - yeah - a friend of mine wanted to write a letter to the editor suggesting that all road maintenance cease in Prince Rupert.  Let the roads all go back to dirt/gravel since they are already half way there, and then we only have to worry about grading the roads. 

I for one wouldn’t be happy with the road rash my car would experience as a result of the gravel, but I would rather deal with road rash vs the damaged/broken shocks and springs that both my husband and I have had to replace on our vehicles.  (and no - we aren’t speeders - and we pay extra attention to the local roads in order to avoid the potholes we can)

It is a very sad state when the roads in the Pine Pass are better taken care of than the ones in a town that rarely reaches temperatures of -15C (if at all).

shoulda paved the city instead of the highway

shoulda paved the city instead of the highway [/quote]

Different pot of money. Hwy 16, from Fairview through town (on 2nd), up McBride and out the hwy (50 miles or something) is under Provincial Highways.

However, the nice smooth road going out in Atlin/Graham area - that is city owned.

i know it comes from a different pot but it wasnt needed really

Gee, is the Daily News that boring?? We only got five posts in before the subject was completely changed and it wasn’t even remotely related!

We have been told that this is what readers really want…

Another problem with the Snooze is that they do not have an online version, unlike newspapers in many Interior towns of similar size. I sometimes send articles to friends in other parts of the province about issues that we have discussed or worked on, but that is not possible with the PRDN. To get around that I have started emailing excerpts from A Town Called Podunk 


  Nobody asked me…Did I miss the questionnaire ?    :wink:


yes the daily news is very boring and should be changed to the weekly news.

That is what media owners and managers always say. It’s code for "We’re arrogant @#!s and, if it weren’t for the need to have SOME editorial/news content, we would run all ads. They always cite studies but never produce them - because they probably don’t exist or they’re horribly skewed.

Unfortunately, it’s the the hard-working people on the front lines, mainly the reporters, who take all the crap for a poor product. There’ve been a couple of lame ass reporters at the Daily in recent years but this current crew seems pretty solid; unfortunately, they’re hampered by the content edict.

some thoughts on this

First of all, does Prince Rupert have the population to support a daily paper? I don’t think there is another town this size with a daily paper. I’ve wondered for a while how it manages to keep publishing five times a week.

Second, I like reading the Podunk site too… but let’s keep in mind that Podunk very much relies on the work done by journalists/newspapers in the region… if the Daily News collapses because people aren’t subscribing or reading it any more, that content will no longer be there for Podunk. Who is supposed to pay for all the interesting stories on Podunk? Yeah, it’s a great site and it’s free. What will happen to it the day there are no more newspapers? Someone’s gotta do the reporting and someone’s gotta pay that person, if the reporting is going to be more than just random musings on any particular topic.

I was joking of course. Can we do a better job? Certainly. And we’ll do our damn best to do so. But if you really think the content has slowed or become terrible lately, I would suggest completing a textual analysis of the newspaper over the last decade.

We’ve had some real “winner” reporters do a lot of damage in the community by being “hardcore” and not really actually reporting what’s going on.

On the school board tip, why shouldn’t the SD 52 have coverage? It is going through a very important time with some large decisions to be made. Perhaps if a few people gave a tinker’s darn about such decisions and showed up to school board meetings then we would not have to report on what is going on but THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN.

Keep BC Strong!

Well I beg to differ with you there kittie, and I will

Suggest you do a little comparison reading between the Podunk site and the Daily news for instance, for the most part with the exception of the daily headline  excerpt from the Daily News, you will find that many of the stories you find in the Daily news have appeared on the blog two or three days earlier.

Now I’m not going to say that the Daily is using my site for research, but it seems rather interesting that many of the stories they file in the paper, have already appeared on the blog, I’ll leave you to do the math on that one.

Yes I do report a number of stories from the various local news services, but always with attribution as to where I discovered them, can’t say the same happens in reverse.  After all we’re all reading the same press releases and doing a wee bit of research aren’t we…

I suspect that if the two papers were to close up shop I would still have a fair amount of local content on the website, though I doubt I would feature much in the way of kiddies festivals, local school happenings and other items of the cutting edge that seems to be the way of the local news industry these days.

But hey, thanks for checking it out from time to time, be sure to keep an eye on the date stamps though before you start suggesting it is merely an echo chamber of the local print media…

Not to mention that some local papers wouldn’t touch certain stories until they appeared in the Podunkian and HTMF.