Prince Rupert City of ________?

Can anyone come up with a better slogan for Prince Rupert?

Prince Rupert City of rumors
Prince Rupert City of scooters
Prince Rupert City of tourist with empty walets

Prince Rupert… Home of Hollywood Herb!

Man i never realized that before but hollywood herb sounds like some high quality ganja

we should rename the whole fuckin city.

i nominate “molten universeville”

Prince Rupert…city of wet dreams…

I like the City of Rainbows , Prince Rumors , allin all we are a good bunch of individuals who live not according to Herbie and his Band of Merry men…

city of potholes

City of time well wasted

we should repaint the big sign on the highway to say, “Prince Rupert, the City where you can do everything worth doing in a day and a half and then get bored and want to leave.”

Great idea k31k1.h1x!

Prince Rupert City of Internet Dorks.

yeh i vote that they change it to prince rupert city of rumors but meh city of rainbows is kewl

Prince Rupert: the city I spent a year in one weekend.

Did you learn to walk while I was away?

Yeah, and a lot of other things that I can’t mention in a public forum like this! :smiling_imp:

na no need to change our name but lets break away from B.C since we are on island we can become a new province… that would be much more cooler…
The new province could be called Taiwan, we could build our own military, have subs and aircraft carriers a few nukes to protect us from the B.C Goverment who would be trying to undermine our independence from the mainland.

man that would be cool and the whole world would support us in our independece from those communist basterds, who tell us how to live our lives.

I’m in.

Wait until they build the port first :laughing: