Prince Rupert city Hall doom and gloom

well I thought this photo would convey what a lot of voters are thinking about our present representatives in City hall. And the time for a change.

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Yeah , you captured the perfect photo once again. This is what most of them will experience come the evening of November 08. I think that we must find someone to clean house and get rid of the people who are also on the cuff. I think it should be made known why a reporter from the daily news hung up her pen, why certain individules were getting paid big buck for a few months of work. Why the daily news is being told not to write stories about going ons in city hall by city hall. Why Pond gets in Tony’s face about bypass and the safety of our children. Why people walk in and they are given jobs because they may be close to someone in the big office. Yes there are BIG Clouds waiting for most of them come November.

Great photo, astrothug! :sunglasses: 

Once again I ask is there any one out there in this here county who is willing to stand up and face these white shirts? Is there any one who is willing and not afraid to shake up the clic and get the the folks in this town feeling good once again about bein called rupert folk?

Nope, people love to complain, and give a few suggestions about what should be done here and there. But when it comes to actually stepping up to the plate and running for city council. Everyone scarpers.

I can tell you with out an equivalent  doubt I will not be voting for some of the people in city hall.  :smiley:

bubbasteve, I believe there are a few good women and men that would be willing to make a stand, somebody who has Prince Rupert in their blood and want to see and make a change. I am sure astrothug believes in a real change and hopefully he believes in the same cause.

I e-mailed a few members on the current council over a couple of issues.  I told them that I wouldn’t vote for anyone who voted the pet bylaw, for example.

I point-blank asked Herb Pond how me paying 2 or 3 times more for a license for my Golden Retriever is a solution to any problem (other than bad fiscal management that has left the town broke – my Golden Retriever certainly isn’t responsible for that).

He didn’t respond to that point.

So if a politician can’t even take the 10 seconds to clarify a simple point like that, then he won’t be getting my vote.  He took the time to reply telling me that he received my e-mail and asking me what was it I didn’t like about the pet bylaw, but then ignored me when I told him what I didn’t like. 

10 seconds would have won my vote.  The message is received loud and clear – I’m not worth 10 seconds. 

Astrothug, are you running for city council? And you Justin case? What about all of the other members of this board who talk so much about how bad city council is? I’m just curious.
I’d run, but at my age, I wouldn’t be taken seriously and I know that. Add to it, it’s who you know. And there’s really no chance for me yet.

The great thing about democracy is that it only takes 3 seconds or so to mark an X. No need to run for council just to participate.

I don’t need to run; all I have to do is put an x on a piece of paper to make a difference. so I hope to see you out bubbasteve… :smiley:

I’m looking forward to November; I enjoy participating in the democratic process.  Well-said, MiG.  It only takes a few seconds to mark a ballot.

Of course I’ll be out there. I’ve voted since I was legal to vote, haven’t missed one yet.

But how many new people will actually be running for city council? It’ll be all the old hats again.

I MUST REMAIN SILENT THERE A PEOPLE WATCHING. This maybe a plot supported by Pond and others like him.

You agree there are problems, you agree there’s need for change.
Now you have to get together among yourselves and formulate a plan, and find people who will enact it.
There’s a couple informal ‘committees’ here as we face the same problems. I’m resisting all efforts to draft me as a candidate next election. But at the same time offering all to be a spokeperson and make the proposals they come up with *sensible, and do-able *which means acceptable to a majority of voters, not just the majority of people who turn out at the meetings.

I think mig should run for council
he would get things done

Not a chance.  I’d rather vote for someone who will take 10 seconds to answer my questions instead.

Justin Case should run.

Well the thought is there, just checking the water and speaking to the people. Have been touching base with seniors and with the citizens who are watching how council is screwing up and screwing us.

Yeah thanks Mig. Welcome home I guess you are home, I hope that you and your lovely little family had a good holiday.

Worst reason to vote for someone ever.

“How do you plan on boosting tourism?” (example)
Candidate: “Well, maybe I’ll just deport your dumb ass. After seeing you gone, more people will come. Now out of my sight.” (said in ten seconds)
“Boy! You answered! Automatic vote.”

The answer could very well be bloody terrible. =P