Prime ministers, presidents, whatever

Big Bush, Little Bush, any pres. will do.
There is no vote when “they” pick the one for you.

Oil, medicine, pesticides, or GMO’s…What ever goes…
That’s the way the power flows.

They give you their “MAN” because they can, it doesn’t matter what candidate ran.

Our lives are like a predictable machine, they teach us everything’s not what it seems.

The BIG money buys the books and now our children are being taught by crooks.

So who do we blame in this game???
The ones in control aren’t looking for fame because there is so much power in…

8) …control without a name…… 8)

Cool, I actually understood most of that post. Good job words, you’re getting better.

thanx for the big thumbs up :smile:
I think…
My words here are usually taken as quackery…

That had direction… stuck to a target and didn’t stray. I liked it.
Plus, I stumbled upon it looking for a thread to post a similar themed rant…

I don’t get it.