Pricing advice

Someone wants to buy my son’s Wii and I don’t really know how much to ask.  Here is the list of things that he could sell.

Wii console,
two remotes,
two nunchuks,
two guitars for Guitar Hero,
two wheels to fit remotes for driving games
Wii sports kit.

Super Mario Galaxy
Mario Kart
Need for speed Undercover
Need for speed Pro-street
Star wars the complete saga
Spiderman friend or foe
Super Smashbros  brawl
Wii music
Guitar Hero ( Aerosmith)
Guinesss World Record
Boom Blocks Bash party
And a couple more.

So how much should I ask for the whole package?

has he offered anything yet? its about 800-900 brand new for all that so how much are you willing to lose ?used games depending go for between 15-40.your games i would price around 15 each used used guitars prolly 20-25 used system ive seen priced around 150.

it all depends whos buying really . tough call lol

Yeah, tough call.  I’d go for 50% of the cost of this stuff, right now, brand new.

You can also check finished auctions on eBay for similar items to see the current market value.

But if it’s someone you know, you might just want to do them a favour, etc.  I dunno.

Why sell it?? Wii’s are awesome!!

You would probably get more money selling it all seperately, what do you want for guitar hero and the guitars?? (my kid wants that game)  :smiley:

My brother-in-law wants to buy it for my nephew, my godson.  My son has an Xbox 360 now and it seems that there is no going back (the Wii was used once since Christmas). 

He will probably not get all the games.  Whatever he doesn’t want, we will probably sell separately or bring to EB games for store credits. 

I talked to an EB games salesperson and he told me that, depending on the amount of games, $250-$300 was a very reasonable price.

Sorry Stacked, I live very far from you so you would have to pay the shipping on top of the price of the guitars.

Boo  :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he’ll get one for his bday, so I have time to look.  I hope you get a good price for all your goods!!  :smile:

Wii games are free arent they?  :wink:

Mine are… after i bought a game that turned out to be shit and they wouldnt take it back because of ‘piracy concerns’