Pressure on telecom firms to keep up with change

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of course the tories are going to let foreign companies into the industry without restrictions, even though we won’t get the same reciprocal rights from those countries head of states, in other words ALL HAIL DICTATOR HARPER he who defies Canadian courts

When I worked for BC Tel they kicked us out of Point Roberts because Reagan made a no foreign ownership of American telecoms.
Which was funny as BC Tel was 51% American owned at the time.
Can you imagine the stink down there were they to consider allowing an Egyptian company into the telecom business.

I have no problem with foreign ownership so long as it results in more competition. Telus,bell and Rogers are in need of a real competitor…

Well they allowed a German company to operate, why not an Egyptian one? And they seem to have killed the deal that would have seen a publicly-owned AT&T buying that German-owned company.

Verizon is also part-owned by Vodafone.

How about: Can you imagine the stink down there were they to consider allowing a government-owned and government-subsidized telco to compete with free enterprise? Somehow Prince Rupert’s right-wingers and fiscal conservatives can justify that, but I doubt it would fly in the Excited States.

Anyway, really sad when even the USA has more telco competition than Canada. And that’s pretty bad, because I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because some … people out there in our nation don’t have maps and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, every like such as, and I believe that they are getting royally screwed from a lack of competition as well.

so you think allowing a large company to come into canada without the same reciprocal rights to their country to compete in our market lower the prices to the point that other companies drop out of the market and then your back to one or two big companies left to choose from, basically back to where you started is better then what we have now? i’m all for competition but give our companies the same rights in their countries, hell 5% of the american market is probably the same amount of business as 50% of our market, and guess what ppl outside of the major centers will still get screwed blued and tattooed no matter who comes into the market

Are you talking about Wind Mobile? Because that’s the company that is foreign-owned and wants to bring some serious competition to Canada. Where do you get that Egypt wouldn’t allow Canadian Telcos into the country? All the major mobile operators in Egypt are foreign-owned (French, English, Emirati). Why would you think they wouldn’t allow a Canadian company?

Or are you talking about the United States? As I pointed out above, there’s already English and German-owned mobile operators there. Did a Canadian apply to start a company there and get rejected? If so, which one?

the US does restrict ownership of licenses to between 20 - 25% of the company depending if it is a controlling interest or not in the company … 29928.html