Premium Internet whats your thoughts?

So I have had premium Internet service for 5 years or so, I was getting good speeds until I moved over to the eastside of town, My connection over the last 3 months has been crappy with internet going down 4 times in a month, it takes a phone call to citywest and I’m back up.
So the tech guy (David who has been very honest and a great guy) asks if I want to go out on the Fiber optic lines instead of the telus lines. I will loose my 3 Ip’s but at this point I don’t care I just want a internet connection that is stable, so I switch. I’m still on Premium Internet so my speeds are good, but I have to reset my modem at least 2 to 3 times a day…FUDGE…ME…
So I will give it a week to see what is happening! but I’m wondering if I should go to Cable internet? save 10.00 a month.

So you cable internet guys how do you like your service?

Thanks  :smiley:

I’m kind of sick of Citywest.
I know it’s not their fault, but I’m paying for premium, and not getting premium speeds.
My room mate, pays for buisness DSL, with a static IP, and his connection is BARELY faster than mine is.

It’s completely retarded.

its all right on the eastside

Not for me!!  :frowning:

HAHA aren’t my upload speeds wicked??

W O W  I dont believe this

vancouver tests are terrible at the moment

Agreed.  :imp:

look at this crap
what kind of upload speed is that…

then to Vancouver its all good.

The speeds within town are fine.  But, we have a slow down to Vancouver.  Pure crap. :imp:

I dont think I have ever had uploads that high  Hitest

Im actually impressed,  I get over 5 gigs in one sleep

the premium internet is good …

when it works.

every time citywest messes with my settings the modem crashes in a continuous cycle from 5 pm to 12 am (and I don’t know about 12am - 8am because I’m sleeping)

so that my friends, is pure crap :wink:

it must be good having like 300 KB/s upload :frowning:

on the eastside

Not that its really relevant to you guys, but: