Preasent to my sweetheart!

Shall I buy flowers to a woman I date online? She’s Ukrainian…


Hi John, this is regular thing to happen. Guess you have to send her
something. Women like when you make them feel distinctive. You know
this is not that customary there. She’d love it, I swear.
I sent some flowers with Seems like they
treated my order with attention I didn’t expect from them.
Heh…anyway, you’ll gain much more than you spend.
Good luck,

Woah, were we just hit with Guerrilla marketing? Funny!


yea dude I’ve heard some pretty shady things about the Ukrainian flower delivery services…cutting their ever-bloom with sugar, nonstandard arrangment practices, you name it, they’ve usurped the otherwise good name of flower delivery services…

acutally, watching the ukranian election fuss on tv, they had some smokin hot babes!

KGB Flower Delivery. mmmm

Now I can have flowers delievered to all my Ukrainian friends! I wonder if they’ll deliever to Belarus, too. That way I can kill two birds with one rock, so to speak.

Flowers are a nice idea, but have you thought about sending her a teddy bear in a package or something…it would last a lot longer than flowers. Just a thought :smile:

I’d much rather have a man send me flowers in the mail than a teddy bear.

It was just an idea…I love teddy bears…he he