Pre Fabricated Homes

Was wondering if anyone has looked into Pre Fab homes before. Was thinking about getting a lot in Prince Rupert and was curious if it would be cheaper for a pre fab home.

Take into consideration that I don’t live in Rupert but about 5 years ago a house averaged about $200/sq foot and prefab were about $160 - $180 depending if you want a basement or just a slab. This is also out in the flatlands. The moving and placement would prob be a bigger cost out there.

If cost is the main issue, renovating a fixer upper is ALMOST always more cose effective.

When we lived there we looked into it. Unfortunately due to the distance travelled to get waaaaaaaay out to the end of Hwy 16 there wasn’t that great of a savings. We eventually ended up renovating our house as Rinkster stated.

We gutted our kitchen to the gyproc and re-designed it with twice the counter top space and twice the cupboards. The Mrs did an amazing job using the IKEA website. When it was time to buy, IKEA again was a godsend. The cost for a beautiful kitchen, including sinks, hardware, faucets, the counters and cupboards was less than $7000 delivered to PR. With help from friends and our own limited skills, it took 2 weeks to do the job. We ate a lot of Panago, Rodhos and steak sandwiches at the Ocean View but the job went fairly easy albeit slowly. We lived in that home for another 5 years and there were zero issues with anything in that kitchen. Everything still looked and worked great. The next time we do a kitchen I won’t hesitate to use IKEA again. Over time we also did the bathrooms, all the flooring, all the bedrooms and the family room ourselves with lots more purchases from those crazy Swedes. Lots of work but a home that we bought for $92,000 in the nineties sold for $225,000 in 2010. A little elbow grease goes a long way.

At the same time we did our kitchen, a co-worker did his. Employing local tradesmen who in turn bought locally, he was out $36,000 at then end of a 6 weeks with no discernible difference in quality or finish. But hey, he was supporting local workers and we know how transportation affects costs up there, right?