PR road block Sunday

I hate the if you have nothing to hide bullshit. If you want to make small talk about my day and are genuinely interested take off yojr uniform and buy me a coffee. If you are on the job get the minimal information required and fuck off and let me go. Where im goi.g or what im doing is none of your fucking business if im not breaking the law. Im busy youre busy so lets both get tbks bullshit overwith.

The small talk is irrelevant. It’s just stalling while they run your plates.

I love how some people with absolutely no police training aren’t shy about telling officers how to do their job.

Also. No one is going to take you seriously when you feel the need to use f-bombs every sentence. Makes you sound like a 12 year old on Xbox.

Bullshit. What do you think those computers are for? How long do you think it takes to look up a plate in a database. The small talk is to guage your sobriety and to see if you are ‘nervous’ and if you are hopefully youve said something suspicious enough that they can search your car.

Its a psychological shell game they want people with a guilty conscience to crack/slip up. Again im not saying all cops are bad but its certainly not irrelevant small talk nor is it innocent. your best bet when talking to an on duty cop is to not or do as little as possible.

it doesnt matter whether you are guilty or innocent or whethdr youve broken the law or not. Dont believe me? Ask a lawyer. You never know whether the cop you are talking to sees his duty as one of protecting the community or is a power tripping thug with a badge protected by his ‘brothers’ while he beats and tasers innocent people for resisting arrest even though no crime was committed to be arrested for other than resisting arrest.

The Motor Vehicles Act requires that when stopped the driver must state their name, address and the name and address of the owner of the vehicle: … #section73

If there has been an accident or a police office believes that a law has broken, a driver or anyone in a vehicle has a duty to provide any information to their knowledge as to the identity of the driver. … #section84

That’s all.

If arrested, you are only required to give your name and address. If not advised of your right to legal counsel, anything said before that is inadmissible.
The police can keep asking questions, including to try to wear you down, but there is no obligation to answer.

[quote=“mcsash”]Your legally obligated to carry your insurance papers with you. You didnt. You broke the law. I thought you were a law abiding citizen.
he should of fined you the appropriate amount of money around 400 bucks. BUt he cut you a break,[/quote] … #section33

For those who didn’t click through, that bottom link says drivers “must produce the licence, certificate and [insurance/financial responsibility] card for inspection on demand of a peace officer”.

Section 3 (3) says you have to apply for registration, license, and liability policy.