PR road block Sunday

Coming back to Rupert yesterday, before Port Ed, the RCMP were checking cars via road block and I found their questions were kinda weird. Here are some of the questions that this bullying cop was asking

1- Have you had any tickets?
2-. Did you ever have an accident?
3. Asking for insurance papers?
4. With an attitude

If there is a cop reading this…what business of yours if I had a ticket or not and what business of yours if I ever had an accident in my lifetime? the questions were irrelevant. I would understand if your looking for drunk drivers or drivers on drugs and ask the proper questions, or checking for fish quota, but it seems like a control and bullying issue…My GF was in the vehicle and she felt bullied and intimidated by this cop and we did nothing wrong. We were disrespected

As for insurance papers, I didn’t have them with me, had my drivers license and the cop was almost ready to impound my vehicle, I even offered to bring them to the RCMP office for proof and his response was" Well I’ll give you a chance this time? My response was Yaie thanks a lot, your my hero…sarcastically…W…T…F

To all you RCMP cops…Stop bullying good people who respect the law, do your job and catch bad people, that is what I pay you for…YES ME. You are making people lose respect and it’s not a good thing. I am not from here originally but if you bullies start this trend you will find that people will loose trust in you and people will start leaving PR because of your stupidity which is not a good thing. Cops are tuff when they have their badge and gun, but without that they are nothing but another person.

Just thought I would post this because that is what is coming in the future…Control, bullying and intimidation, the citizens of this country should not put up with this behavior from our serve and protect servicing. Just one last thing…the cop that did this to us was very overweight…My point is that he’s probably at timmies most of the time eating donuts and my view is that he is more contributing to society better that way…at least he is supporting a business by buying all those donuts…Stay at timmies and do us a favor hahaha … oklet1.pdf

And if you have been part of a road block chances are there is a bad guy you do not want in your neighbourhood they are after.
Just answer the questions and be on your way.
PS canada wide warrants are a little more serious than doughnuts.

mudduck9969…your not getting my point…you must be a cop

LOL nope not a cop just well informed … -homicide/

There is a world out there beyond what your eyes can see…look around…Berating those for what you do not know…come on

I’m starting to see why you’re having troubles with the Mounties. lol

Get over it.

I went through the road block as well and we noticed it was DFO that was out along with the cops and they pulled 2 other trucks over that had boats and fish in totes… This was around 6:15 PM… The cop just asked for my License and Registration, asked if the truck was mine and why we were leaving Rupert… No big deal… just answered the questions and he let us go.

Your legally obligated to carry your insurance papers with you. You didnt. You broke the law. I thought you were a law abiding citizen.
he should of fined you the appropriate amount of money around 400 bucks. BUt he cut you a break,then you come on here and call him fat…doughnut eater etc etc etc…i hope he reads this and decides to nit pick your driving or vehicle condition.

Shoulda been grateful instead you come on here and slam him?..touche douche…

Maybe you all like to be treated like bitches…controlled fuckheads…screw you douchebags

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mcsash, let me treat you with disrespect and see how you feel…your a fucking moron

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I think it’s obvious that it’s you who is the moron.
All you had to do was answer his questions and move on.
But no, you had to come in here and mouth off.
Didn’t have the jam to do it to the officer’s face did you?

Now let’s see how many adjectives you can come up with to describe me.


What kind of world you’re living in? What colour is the sky you’re seeing? Is this how you normally interact with society?

Enjoy life for once.

Hey look! Internet tough guy!

When im pullex over for whatever reason they get one-two word answers with as little detail as possible because its none of there damn business where im heading besides “this way”. That said theyre just doing a job so theres no reason to be disrespectful. Even if there job causes them to e an annoyance or nosy. Just be respectful and give them the legally required paperwork. Nothing more. You failed on all 3 fronts. Dickhead.

It is simple questions and you just need to give him simple answers back.

How do you feel disrespected, damn he was bullying you from asking you questions.

I’m guessing this was not the response the OP expected


Support your Mounties! … cle697538/ … -1.1303293

I can’t believe the cop let the bad guy GO! hahaha! Terrific entertainment!

You should be happy and feeling lucky he did not ticket you for missing insurance papers…he gave you a break there…if he was such a prick/douche he would have fined you and would have been totally in his legal right to do so, since YOU broke the law.

Instead of be being happy with that, you come on here and bash the shit out of him? you not see how fucked that is? This is totally not a legitimate reason to complain about RCMP mistreatment!

Now I wish he would have fined you…he wasted a warning on you!

Oh and there is nothing wrong with RCMP asking a few questions in a road block…if you have nothing to hide than you will be fine. There is an obvious reason a road block was set up in the first place (to check for drunk drivers, to check for fish poachers ect), it was not just setup randomly to piss YOU off. Next time don’t forget your insurance papers, leave the sarcastic douche behaviour at home…and you won’t have an issue.

I’m in the Lower Mainland at the moment. My son and an uncle were both nailed last weekend with expired insurance. $593 fine
Not like small town.