PR Civic Pride Clean-up

Does anyone know if they are still meeting?  :neutral_face:

Yes it went ahead, the organizers were undecided because of the rain and wind this morning but there were some citizens who believed it was important to pitch in and they did. Unfortunately the dump is not open today and so one individual went around town and picked up the bags and piled them by the bathrooms @ the Mariner’s park, so the city can pick it up at one place at their convenience tomorrow.

Organizers would like to have another one, it has been suggested to the organizers that perhaps the city can move a dumpster just by the Regional District office on friday and then the city can pick up the dumpster on Monday.  Do you think that it is too much to ask the city to do? The hours of labour they saved when volunteers (many on their day off) picked up garbage to try to make this  community a safe and enjoyable place to live.  :laughing: