Powerbook g4, help me decide

so I’ve been living in the em-effing boonies (drilling rig in northern alberta) for the past 50 days and im going apeshit without internet access. apparently i can tap into my rig managers satellite net connection so I am going to buy a laptop.

im thinking i want something big, and pimping, so i was thinking 17" powerbook g4. i would like some feedback from you 'uns so im sure that its going to do everything i want it to…

i went into the mac store in calgary yesterday and got nothin but a bunch of goateed attitude. i had to laugh, but the product seems pretty dope.

i want to be able to…
RIP AND ENCODE DVDS to DIVX or whatever. basically PIRATE my friends DVDS
but im pretty sure a mac can do that with two hands tied behind its back, right?

i also want to be able to watch tv on it, how does that work? that wont be a concern for a couple months i dont think.

mm. yea. anything you kids got to say?

the alpine scrub

Nah, don’t get the G4, get the Intel MacBook instead.

Id like to see the speed of this so called mac-book Pro… I wonder if they really are good.

MacBook Pro Performance Analysis


MacBook Pro Performance Analysis[/quote]

I ment in person… I remember when the apple g5 first came out every thing about it was so fast but when i went and tired one, IT SUCKED… It was slow laggy and when you opened a app it chugged along …

aww man, for serious?

im not really all that concerned about blazing fast fps’ playing games or whatever, will it make that much of a difference editing vids and everyday tinkering around…? im thinking of using the computer as my tv, dvd player kind of dealie, im not going to be buying a tv for the amount i watch actual tv, i was thinking that maybe bigger was better?

woohoo, got the g4. anyone know where a guy can get a good deal on adobe photoshop and illustrator for this badboy?

I hear the Russians have a sale on…

I heard that too :smile: is there a sale on ilife 6 :smile: ir i works 06 :smile: i really could be useing it right now. :smile:

Yes yes… and Adobe CS2.

can someone give me sergeis phone #??

tehrussians at gmail.com, I believe.

This will help you decide.

(Eso approves of this link)


Chuck Norris also likes this video.