Power outage

That was very strange. Was it the entire town?

What time?  I am on the east side of town (near Overlook) and didn’t have any outage today/last night.

I was at work on the west sid down close to mcbride and the power went out

They did it on purpose. It’s mating season and they figured if it was dark you’d be that much more inclined to have sex with your ugly ass significant other.

I thought that was what beer was for

Beer alone isn’t enough sometimes dim lighting is required.

This might be a little bit off topic, but I still think it’s a funny story and hopefully someone else here will get some amusement out of it. 

Remember the rolling blackouts in the eastern US and Canada in the summer of 2003?  I was at work (not in Rupert) - we had a summer student; a boy - I think he was about 19 or 20, but don’t quote me on that.  This boy was every bit of the stereotypical ‘computer geek’: hugely lacking social skills - he was very ‘book smart’, but not so much in the ‘life’ department.

So at work one day during our lunch break, there were 4 women and the boy I mentioned above in the lunchroom.  Women ranging in age from late 20s to early 40s - and we were talking about the rolling blackouts going on in Ontario when my boss said “Yeah, I bet you there will be a lot of babies born in nine months.”  Our male student said “Oh really?  Why’s that?”  And you could tell my boss was trying to find the words to answer with when another co-worker instead chimed in with “Well, the power is out…nothing else to do…”

He responded with a genuine straight face and said “You could play a board game.”

Hehehe…gee…couldn’t spot the virgin in that crowd, hey?