Power outage?

Was the power out last night?

We had a bit of a mini blizzard.

I’m on the east side and it doesn’t appear to have been out over here. I did have to go and brush off the Satellite dish though, thanks to this wet snow.

I’m on the East side too, the time is 12:00 12:00 12:00 at my house.  The HTMF server says it was rebooted at 3:30am or so.  I guess it came up by itself for once.

I don’t think we had a power outage over here on Sloan Avenue.

Lights flickered a bit over here…eep:(

I’m taking the lack of downtime due to a power outage to upgrade the mysql server.  So HTMF may have a few minutes of downtime in the next hour or so.

ya the lights were flickering here, but no power outage.

Yup, my VCR was flashing “aut” when I woke up. It changes itself so I don’t have to do it.  :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a light snow here this morning too, but I’m 5000 miles away.  Thank you global warming.

I’m on the east end as well.  The power must have flickered enough to shut my computer down, but it didn’t affect any of my clocks that are plugged in.

Yeah, mine also Stanley.

Everything on my Entertainment stand was reset, but everything else in the house was fine.