Power outage?

Was there a power outage in Rupert this afternoon?

Something must have happened because I wasn’t able to get on HTMF

You’re not in Rupert, though, right?

I was in Terrace all day.  When I got back, both servers had rebooted, and the HTMF one hadn’t started properly.

That must be me    Trying to fix Vista lol

I’m not in Rupert right now but my daughters are and they didn’t mention anything about power outage to me.

Bandit is on the loose again…watch out for him  :smile:

The lights briefly flickered here, but, no outage for me.

Weird, both machines are on a UPS, but they both show reboots around 3:20 or so. 

I will probably simulate another power failure later today.  The server came back up, but it didn’t start apache.  So I want to fix whatever happened and see if it comes back by itself this time.

I’m not aware of any power outage today but there will be a power outage on Sunday March 2nd from 3:00 am to 6:00 am only portions of the city will have outages these portions are:  the east side of the city, airport, industrial park, Fairview terminals, Port Simpson, Metlakatla and Dodge Cove

Yeah there was a little power bump between 315 and 330, I see on the BC Hydro site that there was an outage on Graham Avenue shortly after 330 today…

Maybe a train whistle knocked the transmission line askew or something  :imp:


At any rate, that could explain your mystery reboot…

It doesn’t say anything about a planned outage at 3 am though, as Hoser reports…

My info comes from a reliable source.

I heard my ups beep and my linux server just powered off. Strange, normaly a power bump has no effect on my server with the ups but this one did.

All I know is I came home and my computer had rebooted itself, but the computer was still on.  If there was an actual outage, the computer would have been turned off and the clocks flashing, but there was none of that.

Quite annoying though, I had stuff going on when I left this morning :frowning:

Yeah the power almost went off in my house and I’m up on Jamaica Avenue . . . hmm!

my power supply even made the sound of it powering back up,

even though it didn’t reboot or get an interrupted power flow :open_mouth:

ya there was a power bump around 320-330 in the afternoon.