Power outage

Now did everyones power go out

Mine just did…at about 1020 pm for about 1 minute…now I have to go reset all the fricken clocks!  :angry:

are lights just flickered, never went out

Mine went out not too long ago too.

I blew my power supply in my arcade when the power went out… man scarred the shit out of me we could smell burning wires… thought we had an electic fire…

Hmm wonder if the fire on crestview had anything to do with the power outage??

I was thinking that too… but more like the fire could have been started by the power outage… like a surge when the power came back on maybe??  The power came back on at 10:20pm and the firetrucks got to the house around 11:45pm.  Thankfully the man and his dog got out ok… but the house will probably have to be torn down :frowning:  They were just in the midst of renos too.

I managed to avoid the outage.  I’m sorry to hear that someone lost their house.