Power Outage

[size=24]Power is out in the west side of town, And allmost all over bristish columbia. any more news? add here[/size]

But why take it out on my cable.

I wouldn’t be able to tell. I use a laptop and the f***ing kids insist on turning out every light in the house when the tv’s on. Goddam moles.

my power didn’t go out here in victoria.

when i lived in black creek in the comox valley, power went out like every week because of wind storms or some white supremest that was drunk crashed into a hydro poll or something like that. it happened more then you think

How many people live in black creek?

ummm…probably about 2000 people. it’s really spread out.

This has to be a record for how quickly a thread has gone off topic.

JM wrote:

So typical :unamused: