Power out yet again?

What’s going on with the rolling black outs?

Any word on what happened this time around… #3?

I think were still on the aux and they are trying to fix the main supply now

Called BC Hydro…Problem with a sub-station, Terrace, Port Ed and most of Rupert all in the dark …!!!  Second time in less than a week though, a little annoying… :unamused:

Yes, very annoying! and always seems to be around late afternoon when meals are starting to be prepped.
Also in the past week or so all the electric clocks in our house are running fast! (3 to 4 minuets). Most can’t be turned back, so you have to go all the way around! A small thing but irritating when it happens so often!
The whole thing is a pain when all the clocks in the house go stupid! Reprogram VCR (Yes I still have one), reprogram TV, reset microwave. re set answering machine, (yes, I still have one that need to be reminded what its supposed to do when it looses power!)
Its time Hydro had a system that when the Grid goes off, the back up system kicks in immediately. We will still have to reset, but at least we can prepare our meals on time.
At least PLEASE BC Hydro. Send us the proper voltage and frequency to keep our clocks telling us the truth!  :frowning:

It was a lightning strike in terrace apparently.

Good old Terrace. Always been very annoying too!

looks like you were clocked out  :smiley:

Good one! :smiley:

Crazy eh!

Looks like most of the North was out.  Prince Rupert right to Stewart.

Rogers lines were knocked out too. 

  I hadn’t connected the two together until I read your post but you are right on there.  My one clock has gained 5 minutes since the last outtage…No wonder my guys at work are wondering why the “boss” is coming in early…I should really screw with them and set the office clock ahead 15 minutes…Gotta keep them in line, ya know :wink:

I thought we had a backup system which is supposed to come on within 5 or ten minutes of such an interruption!?

we are on the backup for last week or so

There will be another outage on Saturday for some areas in PR.

Limited outage, Saturday, May 30th, 9:00-3:00 p.m.


must be because the BC-hydro infrastructure is getting old, and instead of replacing everything there doing a band-aid approach, replacing only when they need too.

I have never seen so many outages in a community, 2 to 3 a month, we almost living in the dark ages.
the computer shops around town must be loving this, there is always a spike of repair jobs just after a outage. 

Gee I wonder if it would be any better if it was privatized completely, or would it even get worse. 

my rant…

Be gentle on them some of them would never know you come in early lol. he he he he