Pot Holes

Hey everyone
Just wanna get some feedback on something.
THE POTHOLES! I haven’t seen some of these roads this bad in a while (excluding highways…may I add they did an awesome job at re doing.) The road right by Petro can. and then on the other side of the bridge by P.J’s Midway turning right to go to Henry’s b-y! I dunno about anyone else, but I have already lost a shock to the potholes!! And if I drive on eighth ave east I have to drive 10 kilo and I still bottom out…I know they are “repairing” the road… two months ago… I am just wondering if anyone knows anything on Rupert road repairs…  :smiley: :smiley: I would love to know…

Knowing our City Council, there’s probably no money in the coffers… :imp:  They spent it all to pay for the city workers to water the plants in the RAIN  !!

Im going to have to agree, less plants, more roads…

Ya the intersection of 6 east (by PJ’s) turning onto Hays Cove Ave (going up to Henrys) is a piece of shit. They really need to do something about this.

I cant Insure my one car cause it is an “older” Nicer car with a body kit on it, and if I were to “Hit” one of these, I would Loose Half of the car…and who would end up paying for that…me…I dont have that kinda money…not for that…so it just sits in my yard. lol. Same with the shock…shocks can only Take so much sh!t and abuse…

Body kit + Northern BC = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  (and in my case, ignorance lol)

Don’t get me wrong though, my car is lowered about an inch and I still complain about bottoming out on some of the craters around town.  But - I did try to ‘prove everyone wrong’ with a previous vehicle - “I don’t need to take the kit off or raise it up, I am awesome!”  LOL 

I still say that if the city can’t afford to fix the damn potholes then they should just rip them all up and we can go back to gravel roads.

no kidding, it may be ““Cheaper”” for them…I can drive my car, but, it defently does prove it difficult

Now why haven’t I seen any of these “lowered” cars? I’ve always wondered why anyone in their right mind would want to lower a car anyways. Can’t do anything with a lowered car. I remember when my dad first bought his camaro, and his exaust pipes stuck down far lower than the body, it was a bitch to even go into parking lots. It was hard to have more than one person in the car because it would sit too low. Why would you want to WILLINGLY do that to a car?

I just drove though Prince George and our roads are nearly perfect compared to PG.  I was told they had three shift working the road patching in PG this year but you couldn’t tell!  Those roads are HORRIBLE.

As for lowering a car…why  :imp: :imp:

They have that huge pile of gravel just sitting growing weeds down by the CN building on the waterfront.  They should pull some city workers off plant watering detail, give them shovels and wheelbarrows and put them to work…LOL  :smiley:

Isn’t that contaminated soil?

Hmmmm … let’s see:

Pavement: Petroleum products mixed with gravel

Contaminated soil: Petroleum products mixed with gravel (probably came from an old gas station)

I don’t see the problem.

Well, let’s hope that is not the case as our children play all over it and our dogs also not to mention the water run off from the rain. Pretty stupid place to store it too…

I know I didn’t lower my car…I would rather raise it a little more but in certain circumstances, would look very stupid hahaha. :smiley:

It’s stored where children aren’t supposed to be playing. Though I walk through there with my dogs, I don’t allow them to play there either. Where would you have them store it?

To me the potholes are a cheep  way of making speed bumps… just drove by the bridge at micky’s glad they are presure washing it… looks real nice… NOT. but I guess that is highways doin that… the way I see it is if we complain they will only say they are waiting for the sun.the roads are crappy here and can’t see them fixing them at all,in may Jack was saying his goal was to get the roads fixed…8th east was dug up how long ago and they went threw and put lines in and they had not even paved it yet. guess they new it was going to take for ever to repave it… waisted money, paint pave then repaint again… FIX THE ROADS PLEASE.

8th Avenue East has not been paved becuase it is still leaking there used to be one huge mother of a pot hole just on 11th by McDOnald’s when you turn onto the highway  to come into town.

I am sure you have seen mine, (or my husband’s) but you wouldn’t know it because it’s not like they are 1/8" off the ground or something.  We had to replace the suspension on both of our cars, so instead of replacing it with the same shitty suspension they came with (that broke in 2 years) we decided to go with better suspension which ultimately led to each car being lowered.  I think his is 1.5" lower than stock and mine is roughly an inch lower than stock.

Now why haven’t I seen any of these “lowered” cars? [/quote]

Because they are driving around on the roads - you have to leave your house to see them.

Hey, I resemble that!  :stuck_out_tongue: