Posting pictures from gallery

So how come I can’t post images from my gallery? Is it because I always post the huge version of the picture?

No, it’s because this forum only shows images when the URL ends with gif or jpg or png.

Here’s the trick to getting the true URL of your photo (I’m only going to post this once, then you can tell others!):

Go to the page that has the image you want to post. You’ll see the little filmstrip underneat. Get the URL for the thumbnail of the image you want to post, and use that address.

Then replace the word “thumb” in the URL with “normal” and you’ll have the true URL of the image.


URL of thumbnail: … G_0431.JPG

URL of normal size (replace “thumb” with “normal”): … G_0431.JPG

That should do it.


Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast!

No wonder, that’s not how you make Rice Krispie cookies!

Yeah man, it sucks when your meth lab burns down.

You have the same cupboards as me. Have fun cleaning up the fire extinguisher crap.

There is no fire extinguisher crap, (it’s baking soda) and we dont’ need to touch a thing. Insurance people do that.

I saw the fire extinguisher there on the side. My mom let some hamburgers get too well done and flames started licking up the wall so we busted out a wee extinquisher. Green stuff everywhere.
I had to clean it. Not fun.

What caused the fire?

Parents were getting ready to go camping and the pop cooler got put on the stove for a bit. I guess the handle or something touched the element control becuause a minute or two later there was a nice plastic infero on the stovetop. Dave grabbed it with the silicone glove in the pic and turfed it off the back deck. Nice drips of burnign plastic burnt the floor/carpet and deck before igniting the bush in the backyard, hehe. So yeah, everyone’s ok, and insurance is covering all the damage. The cats, birds and degus appear to be a little distressed though.

Thats sweet that you don’t have to do anything.

Yeah, it’s cool. There is some sort of ozone machine running upstairs with some fans. I think it’s an ozone mahcine… Anyway, I’m not supposed to go upstairs, especially to the top flooor. I guess it’s harmfull to people and animals?