Possible work stoppage threatens Prince Rupert Port

The Port of Prince Rupert is facing a potential work stoppage in near future, one that could see the entire Asia-Pacific Gateway close down. Members of local 505 chapter of the International Long Shoreman and Warehouse Workers Union, has recently held a strike vote, along with other chapters from all over British Columbia. The B.C. Maritime Employers Association has allegedly filed the paperwork necessary to lock the workers out as well.

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We’ll be updating this story as it develops and we get more information. Stay tuned, folks!

Story has been updated to include comments from the ILWU indicating they won’t be striking.

Jack mussalum was asked if tey could strike his words were NO YOU MAY NOT.

Worry not Ports fans, the Feds are on the way

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what? No one is blaming Kitkatla Nation for this?

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