Possible Facebook Hack

Recently, I received two friends requests on facebook from very attractive young women who are complete strangers to me.  The first time, I thought it was a mistake and I sent back a message saying I wasn’t the person she was looking for. ( Hey- I’m happily married  :smile:  )  I didn’t get a reply.

The second time, I was a little curious and went on the profile page.  It seems that all her friends are young attractive women too.  Also, their profile pages often list something called “lifehackdaily”. 

Poor billy, his fb friends’ list will be cut by 90% now that he knows this.

How can we reach you on Facebook?

Yeah, I’ve had one of those as well, BigThumb.  I also delete friend requests from strangers.

Not a hack as much as it is spam. They want you to visit a site, and probably get paid to send visitors.

Make your profile unsearchable on Facebook and you won’t get these.

Are you a young attractive woman? It seems quit easy if you are :wink:.

MiG,  I checked my search setting and changed it.  I thought I did that awhile ago but I guess I was wrong.

The 'new" facebook caused all of your settings to reset to default. So you need to periodically check to make sure your settings are still private

new Facebook security is great… Complete with a few XSS vulnerabilities in there that I don’t believe they have fixed yet (At least the ones I reported they haven’t confirmed fixed!). If you use a lot of the applications, just be careful what you click!

Especially this one:

Lucky for you your wife wont be on that cut back.

I would say “Good one!”,  but the “your wife” stuff is so 1995! 

I was just warming up for fishing season and it seems that my lures are working well.  :wink:

unfortunately that was your momma jokes and she didn’t make the list either.

Thats just not fair…think of who the prey is…its almost too easy! :smiley: :imp: :smiley:

++  Hook, line, and sinker…you got your catch for the day.  Nicely done!  :smiley:

Oh Google ads is on the ball today!