Portable harddrive

can someone tell me where i can get a good deal on a portable harddrive in Rupert?
500 gig or better with a reasonable price. thanks.

I don’t think you’ll able to find a portable HD in Rupert for a reasonable price, unless you’re lucky enough to find a perfect one in the Zellers’ electronic department.

However, if you don’t mind shopping for one online I suggest you get this:

bestbuy.ca/catalog/proddetai … atid=20238

I have the 320GB version for my lappy and I love it.  :-)

Another online one…

ncix.com/products/index.php? … omoid=1065

thanks for the reply. i would order online but i dont have a visa, thats why i was asking if it was possible to find one in town. any suggestions about finding one other than the source? are the ones in zellers any better than i would find in the source?

if i cant find a portable one, i would like to upgrade the storage on my pc then.

Talk to Kris at Good Times Game and Electronics. Right next to Rugman on the corner by 7-11. He’ll treat you right.


right on, thanks CrazyMike.

Have to agree on Kris… He also has a wealth of knowledge to go with that purchase :smile:

Wow… why haven’t I thought of Kris? =.=’

shoots self

Anyway, local first-class preference will be him.  :wink:

thanks all, will give him a call. spending local is good.

you can buy from ncix with your bank account,electronic bill payment.fast and simple way to pay with them.

There’s also Data Boy - Good service there. Kaien Printer essentials also has a huge amount of stock.

I like shopping at Kaien Printer Essentials. :smile:

future shop and bestbuy 1tb harddrive $120

$99 in store.
A real bargoon.

your store in the hoof is it? free shipping?

FutureShop PG. 1 Terabyte $99. In the store.
Loss leader. You go there. You like, you buy. They hope you will buy something else.

should have that price online too lol

lol it’d be easier to just get one from ncix,  $99 is a great deal but gas and food to PG and back? lol I was looking for one myself, on ncix you can get the external drive bay for as cheap as $25 and then just buy a 500gb hard drive on sale for $55.  but I don’t know for sure, I know very little about the externals

Every time I walk into best buy I see this pile of 1Tb externals for $99… and the pile keeps getting smaller.

Edit: Might I add, free shipping if order is over $35

this option’s the best and most preferred by me.