Port simson has the write idea

Gary Reece and Wayne druery are on to something,marketing logs that are
debarked.China is a big market we need to get away from the states market
and start hitting the people who have the money,great work guys good luck.

Okay, this is good for Lax Kwalaams and others for sure, but here’s more food for thought on the issue. There’s not one sawmill in this entire region still operating, and yet we are exporting more raw logs than ever to China? While this does create some employment for the fallers, truckers, log sort operators, and longshoremen, we need to look at the bigger picture here and stop the export of raw logs like this and, get our sawmills back in operation. Which would create two or three times the employment. Lax Kwalaams should build and operate a sawmill and put most of the community to work and be selling the lumber to China instead of simply selling off our raw resources to create employment in China. What we are doing at present simply does not make sense, we have been manipulated by global powers and economics. 

It is a step in the right direction, but as the last post states, nowhere near enough.
I know this is just one operation, but, we do need sawmills and even to take it one step further, we need value added processing plants, think base boards, window frames or cabinets.
If simply debarking the logs creates this much more value, imagine the value of sending finished products over.