Port seeks to expand secondary services to Fairview container facilities

In what would be a major boost to the local economy, the Port of Prince Rupert is exploring possible opportunities in warehousing, container stuffing and other logistical requirements for shippers through the Port of Prince Rupert.

The ability to create a “container gateway” as Shaun Stevenson described it to a recent Chamber of Commerce function, is considered a pivotal part of the plan to make Prince Rupert’s port a major player on the world shipping scene.

That gateway would create a level of secondary employment in the Prince Rupert area that doesn’t currently exist. By developing a stuffing and re-stuffing capacity for the city, the output through the Port would increase, of particular interest to the local fishing industry is the expression of interest in a cold storage facility…

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It is very good that the port is exploring diverse options for the port facilities and I must admit there are some good ideas being presented.
But for the media to report every thought that passes through the minds of the port corp.
and then present it as an actual fact  is a disservice to the  people in Rupert who are desperrate for any kind of meaningful work. 

Yours is a very good point, it does seem that every press release issued by the Port Corp is treated as an official blue print. Without anyone actually asking about financing, timeframe of development, partners available and such.

The local papers and radio etc, do seem to be in the business more of playing the roles of PR flacks for the port, than actually investigating stories and looking for something more substantial to them, than just the smoke in the distance that we’re told may or may not mean something.

Glad to see that folks once and awhile are asking a few questions, even if it is here on the interweb off in the land of the rick rolls, wolf stories and strange youtube video links.

Everything in town of late seems to be based on speculation rather than concrete facts, from the ever rising property values, to a mysterious shopping centre that never seems to break any ground, to the incrementally upward projections that jobs, jobs and more jobs are soon to come our way.

While it would be nice to see these jobs that the Port say would come with the container stuffing and such come here, the competition is already tough with Prince George already running one operation and making huge plans for another at their airport. Likewise Grande Prairie wants one, Edmonton too, and who knows how many other places along Highway 16 want their own container farm too.

Hopefully, they can provide some tangible proof that the option for Rupert is under development, otherwise it will only serve to let people down if the jobs that could be here, end up eslewhere. 

Speculation=rumour…it’s one and the same and they keep the populace/common people is a state of HOPE.  Not unlike Bingos and Casinos which play on the lure of easy money and greed, in other word: in the HOPE of stricking it rich one day.  Sport is of the same caliber.  “Let’s entertain the populace so that they may not feel their pain.” 

Social psychology at work friends.

Wake up and smell the coffee folks

The Romans figured that out years ago with “Bread & Circuses”