Port Record

According to the Prince Rupert Port Authority web sites daily vessel report there are 18 vessels in harbour at the present time. I beleive this is an all time record? There are eight coal ships, nine grain ships, and one container ship. Only one ship can actually load at any of these facilities at one time.
This level of congestion in a port it not necessarilly a good thing and can have a negative impact.

Good question! My question is what do they do with all their sewage? Does it all get dumped in the harbour? Yuuuucccckk!

Unlike Prince Rupert’s pristine effluent…

where do u think our sewage goes? think about it next time you bit into some nice fresh crab you or a friend caught in our toilet i mean harbor

This is a joke right, you really can’t be that ridiculous ?
Do a little research and see how many cities such as our dump untreated sewage directly into the ocean. Once you have that fact figured out then you want to read up on the current situation in, oh I don’t know, maybe Asia.