Port edward new ramp

So what is going on???Port Ed harbour now has TWO drive down ramps for access to the boat floats and we here in Prince Rupert have none!Any one that is upset with this should get in touch with Port Ed harbour authority and it’s board of directors!

Why should people get in touch with the Port Ed Harbour Authority?? What has that got to do with Rupert?? They are separate communities. Complain to the city here about this problem.

port edward port authority owns our ramp by canfisco. when the federal government got rid of them Port Ed got our boat ramp

Hmm…not sure about that one. Doesn’t the PE Harbour Authority responsibility start at the longest dock next to the office building (which doesn’t include the boat launch and the floating dock). The user fees for using the boat launch and parking goes to the City, not PEHA.

Anyone know for sure on this?

[quote=“Gib Nosnoj”]Hmm…not sure about that one. Doesn’t the PE Harbour Authority responsibility start at the longest dock next to the office building (which doesn’t include the boat launch and the floating dock). The user fees for using the boat launch and parking goes to the City, not PEHA.

Anyone know for sure on this?[/quote]

I think you’re right that the boat launch is owned and maintained by the City. As for the ramps in Port Ed, it makes sense to have them there. Lodges and warehousing /storage is there. Other than groceries there’s probably nothing that is loaded at Rushbrooke where a drive down ramp would be helpful.

I find it funny how entitled some people feel.

The boat launch and parking lot at Rushbrooke are owned by Canfisco and leased to the city.The ramp I was refering to is the drive down ramps to the floats in Port Ed and I agree that it is useful for lodges etc. but why two ramps?Prince Rupert could use one at Rushbrooke as one was planned for there a few years ago.Entitled???WTF???We pay for the services just like they do in Pt Ed…BS!

Shouldn’t your beef be with the City of Prince Rupert rather than the Port Ed Port Authority which you stated in your original post. Port Ed can have as many ramps as they want as its a different community.

All of these properties are owned by the federal gov,Dept of Fisheries and NOT port Edward,they have a contract to manage all the small craft floats in Port Ed and Prince Rupert,this has nothing to do with the city of Prince Rupert or Port ED.I guess if all of you don’t care that PR is getting screwed so be it!

If Rupert as you say is getting screwed its not Port Ed’s fault. People don’t seem to be complaining here in Rupert about it. Since your quite upset about this, go and investigate why there isn’t one at Rushbrook.

Entitled because they provide something for their customers at one location and you feel you should have it at another. If they didnt build those in Port Ed you wouldn’t be bitching. Entitled! Walk down to your boat like everyone else has since the dawn if time. There seems to be a reason to provide this service in Port Ed with the fishing lodges, net loft, etc but I can’t see why they would put one in town. Why do you feel it’s needed?

It strikes me that Port Edward is a more forward-thinking & proactive community than Prince Rupert, for whatever the reasons. PR seems to be primarily reactive and perhaps the ramp isn’t the real issue but the fact the citizens of Prince Rupert are feeling left behind, yet our taxes are sky high with limited value for the money? Perhaps the citizens of Prince Rupert need to start pressing our City government and holding them accountable by putting their feet to the fire. No more complacency or yapping about it on HTFM … find a way to respectfully but insistently demand change. Find someone who is eloquent and calm to make presentations to council insisting on answers or at the very least, a plan. There may be a plan in place and if so, ask for status updates on the plan components. It is our community and tax dollars - we have the right to insist on the money being spent well. Or, in the next civic election insist on a new government that is proactive and determined to turn things around. We need people with solid business sense to run the City like a business. They will need to be determined to save money and cut costs, perhaps take City leadership travel out of the equation - travel only for unavoidable situations and even then, travel on a bare bones budget. That would be better than cutting staff hours. With Skype and other technology in this day and age, meetings could surely be attended without spending money for flights, meals, hotels and per diems. Either way, we could certainly learn a thing or two from Port Ed’s council. PR feels like the ‘poor’ cousin although we are the bigger community. We are the poor cousin to Terrace who is a larger community but somehow maintains a nice community on less City staff and each year the community looks nicer and more well-kempt than the last. Terrace also has a spay & neuter program so that when you adopt a pet from the animal shelter, and send in your vet bill from the spay/neuter, they refund the fee in FULL. This is a City run shelter & not the SPCA - generally when you adopt an animal from Prince Rupert, the SPCA has already had it altered. The same end result - different funding. My point is that somehow Terrace can affort this. From my research (& granted, there may be gaps), it seems to be that our City hardly gives any money to our SPCA Shelter – they only fund the animal control portion during operational hours only - but there is no funding assistance to the Shelter or various groups in town to provide money to help with our free-roaming cat situation (for example, only). Volunteers were willing to do the hard work & all that was asked was for matching funds that would flow thru a registered charity - a relatively small amount - denied by the City. These examples illustrate our City’s lack of forethought & proactivity, not a feral cat debate. AND I do not mean cutting costs via the fire department. Last night proved yet again, how critical a fully trained and well-staffed fire department is. That was not a simple fire and complications from fuel and who knows what else … I for one am happy to have their salary on my taxes.

Don’t flame me … just calling it as I see it. AND I am not flaming Prince Rupert … just very interested in how we can learn from Port Edward and Terrace and turn this community around – maybe eventually we will get the drive down ramp of our dreams. Having said that, I am so impressed with the City for putting in bear proof containers. That is a very proactive step in the right direction. They are gradually working on tearing down the unsightly buildings but sadly, haven’t got to the messy properties - rusty boats, broken down cars, mattresses and crap all over. Most of these are rental properties - hold the owners accountable and start fining them BIG as a revenue stream. THEN go in and clean them up and add the bill onto the taxes. It keeps coming back to accountability. We live in some of the most beautiful and pristine land in the country yet it is treated like a garbage dump and the City doesn’t seem to take these folks to task, whether it’s downtown or in the subdivisions. This is also not a slight to the Bylaw officer S/he is only one person and they have a huge scope of work. If we the community stand up and say we won’t take it any more, perhaps change will rocket in.

The answers to the issues aren’t going to be popular, I am sure.