Port Authority looks to buy and develop land in Cow Bay

The Cow Bay area could look quite different in the coming years as the Prince Rupert Port Authority has made an offer to purchase the parking lot across from Atlin Terminal and the grassy knoll leading to Northland Terminal from the City of Prince Rupert for an estimated $824,387.



With no cruise ship traffic I wonder what the Port Authority has up it’s sleeve?

Northland Dock is now a white elephant…

But, but what about all that parking revenue?

Being November, I always like a story with the word grassy knoll in it, conjures up all sorts of conspiracies.

Here’s something for the Northern View to follow up on, maybe through their archives perhaps.

How much did the city originally pay for that land, how much did they spend in enhancements to it post purchase?

Be interesting to know if the City made money, or lost money on the transaction.

Is MGB the company that had the big wood building concept?(hadn’t said big wood in a long time, so this was a chance to use it)