Poor fishing season disastrous for Prince Rupert - Thorkelson

“This year will be the least amount of money we have seen floating around in the community in a long, long time.”

Those were the words Joy Thorkelson, city councillor and United Fishermen and Allied Workers’ Union spokesperson, when talking about the impact of the poor commercial fishing season in 2008. Thorkelson made the comments during the August 18 council meeting, and said that the city should brace itself for a rough winter.

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We’ve already felt it on the retail side.  From the beginning of August, to mid-September last year, we were pulling in bigger sales than Metrotown on the cannery paydays.  This year so far, has been half of what we made last year. 

A lot of people are definately going to have a rough time getting their kids ready for school on what little money is going around :frowning: