Political You Tube

Picking up the ball from smartass and her wonderful catalogue of the weirdness of You Tube…  we start a thread on political You Tube entries, there’s no shortage of such an animal and we’ll kick it off with my favourite of the moment. Keith Olbermann ripping George Bush apart on his policies and misadventures, one wonders how Mr. Olbermann has not ended up in Guantanamo after his many special messages, but good on him for at least providing some sense of opposition to the powers that be I guess…


Guess I should add part two cause without it part one makes no sense! :unamused:

He can be a bit over the top at times, but on the whole I enjoy watching his hour long reviews of the days news…

This guy makes me so bored. He uses so many big words to make his arguments sound smarter–I doubt he could define half of them.


This is a couple years old now, but still amusing (at least, to me)

I beg to differ. 
The use of “big words” in this case is warranted by his position as a political commentator.  If the “right” word is needed to convey his opinion and if he has a wide vocabulary, why not use it?  It sure beats using the word “get” for many different meanings in the same text or speech!
My attitude, when I hear or read something with challenging vocabulary is to tell myself “Here’s an opportunity to learn”.
You may say that he lost you because of these “big words” but I doubt that you didn’t get the gist of the comment.  And, if you didn’t understand a word, the context must have given you clues as to what it meant.


This is a couple years old now, but still amusing (at least, to me)

LOL, Mercer is always good at getting to the point…

Good pick[/quote]

:smiley: Heh heh… I love this:

Man, the dry cleaning bill alone probably puts the country close to bankruptcy!!!

Exactly my point. I understood what he meant without him padding his political essay. Anyone who reads a grammar book will note that using big words, or long sentences, doesn’t strengthen your argument UNLESS the word(s) in question actually add something to what you’re trying to say.

He could have delivered the same message in 30 seconds rather than several minutes–perhaps he just had to fill time.

Coldplay offers up a political interpretation to their new release Violet Hill, Dancing politicians… as you can imagine it’s not a pretty sight…

The Coldplay thing reminded me of a controversial little video from the eighties when Genesis offered up their puppet version of Monster Chiller Horror theatre…