Political courage


Canadians have a lot to learn from voters in Chile. They just elected the first woman, a social democrat, in a country with a reputation of machoism and with a bloody history. The chilean dared what we won’t try. We won’t stray from our hundred plus years history between the tories and the grits. The problem is neo-conservatism is rampant and yes, it’s a bad thing. If they get the control of the tories and then the country, the only thing that will be good is that some rich guys will get richer. The rest, environmnent, social services, health care, etc… will weather a serious storm that will set us back to the 50’s.
You hear people say that a party like the NDP isn’t ready to run the country. I say BS. There are a lot of experience NDP people around and they’ve run governments in different provinces with results as good as any other governements and they will really stand up for all canadians.
I think I made up my mind here. The hell with the strategic vote, I’m voting for the policies that appeal more to me as a whole. I don’t care if my candidate loses. I want my vote to mean something to me.

i have to say this woman is amazing!!!

she is 54, a doctor, and was a political prisoner, a single mother, and still managed to become the first woman president ON EARTH. Now that is what i call a fulfilling life!

I think i might move to Chile.