Political advice: Careful in how you word something

Skeena’s MP, Nathan Cullen has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle over his comments regarding the RCMP and that investigation into the shooting of a Houston man while in RCMP custody.

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Cullen apologized on CKNW on Thursday night over his comments that have made him the news, rather than the story that he was trying to bring to the public’s attention.

By suggesting that he was afraid of taking on the RCMP on the issue, he was kind of suggesting we live in some kind of quasi police state, where the police would hold grudges and are not considered accountable.

It’s not really the way it is and he should have been more temperate in his statements.

More importantly he should have better presented his concerns, the public does need to know what happened in Houston that night, Cullen who is actually a pretty good MP and fairly pro active for his riding, dropped the ball badly in this instance.

Perhaps with his apology, the real issue of the investigation into the night’s events can get back on track. Â

He also made a comment about lawyers recently that Im surprised didnt get more attention. In regards to the Tsimpshian legal challenge to Ruperts port project he stated something along the lines of understanding now why no one trusts lawyers. Rather than keeping his comment just on the issue at hand he grouped all lawyers into one bad group. I cant recall the entire comment word for word but it did get my attention. I can appreciate his comment but coming from an MP it was kinda risky.