Police union says members stretched thin by new laws

“Even if you support the change of regulations, I don’t think any of us support the fact that we’ve now become the judge and the jury. Our job is to enforce the law and another part of our criminal justice system should be dealing with the guilt or innocence thing and imposing what the penalties should be.” – Vancouver Police Union President Tom Stamatakis, outlining some of the concerns of the rank and file over new enforcement priorities for BC’s police forces.

While few would argue the point that getting drunk drivers off the road is a laudable goal of the province’s judicial system, there are concerns from those that do the first line enforcement of the rules, concerns that the province’s new drunk-driving laws may be slowing down the pursuit of those that put all of us at risk on the roads.

Tom Stamatakis, the President of the Vancouver Police Union provided some interesting views to the Vancouver Province on behalf of his membership, suggesting that the new dedication towards enforcement is perhaps targeting the wrong group of offenders when it comes to drunk driving.

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