Police standoff, may 17,


yea, so the police have from mcbride up 6th a couple blocks blocked off, and they’re all in vests and gun’d out…ima bust out the work digicam real quick here and see what i can shoot.

anyone know whats up?


Nope, but digicam it up.


doing so.



more to come! i sure wish i had my camera though…


i heard sirens while walking tho dog, thats what it was i guess.


apparently an armed hostage taking in the apartments second over from the library, live weapon, the whole deal.

they police have alllll sorts of dudes in black with guns hangin out.

pretty sweet what with high gas prices and all they can just walk to work…


The wife of a woman on my dad’s ball team just said that she saw a shitload of armed cops and some plainclothes dude (the perp?) holding a rifle.


Looks like it’s over… no pics from my end.

There was a cop crouched behind this car with his gun out when I drove by. Any more details?
hackingthemainframe.com/coppermi … ode=normal


Small town action eh? Sounded exciting, haha. To think that events like that are an everyday occurance to a lot of people around the world. Makes me very appreciative for all that we have.


man, theres always gotta be a moral to your little messages.


Is that a bad thing?? Or just annoying?


haha so true so very true…


Hey Alpine, it’s ok, it’s ok! One very good thing about htmf is that everyone is different. If everyone was the same, we might as well join a message board of Britney Spears fans!
By the way, can anyone come up with a name for htmf members? Obviously hackers isn’t appropriate. Htmfers ?? Suggestions anyone? I wouldn’t mind being able to slip that in a discussion somehow: " As I was discussing with my fellow htmfers, the price of gas is ridiculous…"


I don’t know about what we should call ourselves but I do know what some people prefer to call the site.
There are those who don’t like this site being refered to as “hacking”. They prefer “htmf”.

I don’t even notice what I call it. I usually go with the one that is easiest to pronounce.


i think we should be the triple dub h tizzzy muthafuckazzz



haha so true so very true…[/quote]

Hey that’s cool. I am glad my posts aren’t empty and dull. Time well wasted.


it just seems trite.
i think thats the word


Mmm… trite.


[quote=“Alpine Scrub”]it just seems trite.
i think thats the word[/quote]

It is better than always trying to nullify people’s posts… How weak and juandiced is that??


Useage of the word jaundiced: +10 points. Even if you can’t spell it.