Police probe alleged attack

The Daily News

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A man is in Prince Rupert hospital after a brutal assault that police are treating as an attempted murder.

Yesterday, RCMP responded to a disturbance and a request for assistance in the 800 block of Fulton Street. There, they found a man suffering from a number of injuries who was subsequently transported to hospital for care.

Suspects were located shortly after and arrested. Two individuals have been released, however a 31-year-old male remains in custody pending charges. RCMP are continuing the investigation and, as such, are unable to release any further details surrounding the nature of the alleged attack at this time.

You can also get the news at canada.com/princerupert

Yeah we had that guy in-custody at the courthouse for court. From what little we were told it was all over a woman :unamused:

We’ve been dealing with this accused person since I started at the Sheriffs Office. We saw this coming long ago.


And did nothing to prevent it?


And did nothing to prevent it?[/quote]

Are you surprised?

And just what should we have done? We’re the guys who bring them to court, not the ones who decide thier fate.